Penis Cake

Making a Penis Cake is a great way to set a naughty tone for the bachelorette party. Probably one of the easiest ways to create a naughty cake is to get a hold of one of our premade Penis Pans and follow the recipe instructions on the cake mix box.

But if you're the creative type and have the time, why not learn how make cake without penis baking pan. This way your pecker cake will have the length & girth you have always desired!

How to Make Your Own Erotic Cake Pan

If you don’t have a chance to buy a penis cake pan try making one yourself. Don’t agonize; it’s really not that hard.

Things You Will Need:

•Aluminum Foil
•2 Tennis Balls
•Empty Soda Cans
•Cookie Sheet


1. Start off with about 4 to 5 layers of heavy duty aluminum foil. Form the foil around 2 tennis balls at one end(remove the balls when your foil has been shaped).

2. Lay soda cans out end to end and form the foil to mold the shaft of the cake. How many cans you use will depict how “excited” your bachelorette cake will look.

3. Once you have removed all objects you should have a homemade penis pan. Grease and flour your pan as you would any cake pan.

4.Place it on a cookie sheet before filling & baking the bachelorette cakes.

5.You want your cake to be level so it will lay flat on the cake platter, you will need to rise the shaft and head of the cake by using a wad of crumpled up foil. Be sure that crumpled up foil is steady enough that the cake will not fall during the baking process.

6.Now you are ready to bake your bachelorette cakes.

How to Make a Penis Cake without a Penis Pan

Things You Will Need:

• 1 Large Rectangular Cake Pan or Jelly Roll Pan
• 2 Cupcakes or 9x9 Circular Baking Pan
• Cake Frosting
• Decoration Candies


1. Start by baking your cake mix in your rectangular or jelly roll pan as directed on the cake mix box.

2. If you chose not to use cupcakes for testicles, bake three circular cakes (two for the balls and half of one for the head) in the 9x9 circular baking pans just as you did for the rectangular one.

3. Once your cakes have finished baking and have cooled, it’s time to start the construction of your penis cake. Cut one of your 9x9 circular cakes in have.

4. Place the half at the top end of the rectangular cake which will form top of the head.

5. Next, take the other two circular cakes and place at other end of your rectangular cake for the balls (if you chose to buy cup cakes use them in place of the 2 circular cakes).

6. Use your icing of choice to make it look like all one cake.

7. Don’t forget the chocolate sprinkles for the pube hair!

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