Naughty Charades

Sexy Slang's Naughty Charades Game is just like a traditional charades, but with raunchy game terms. Defiantly not for the shy type, but if you have a group of out-of-control girls, this is the X-Rated game for you.

It's the perfect portable game to pop in your purse and bring to a Girls night out or Bachelorette Party and get the party started!!

With 300 hilarious Sexy Charades terms, the fun is only limited by how crazy and open-minded your guests are.

How to Play

The idea of the game is to have two people act out the same Sexy Slang term and make asses out of themselves while the remaining players try to guess what their acted out. Don’t be self-conscious about your dirty mind! Your guess is probably RIGHT!!

Each card has three categories:Sexy Activities, Sexy Things, Wild Card.
A roll of the included dice will tell you which category to act out. Teams race as they act out the same Sexy Charades term at the same time. So each player is involved in every round.

That's the fun part, watching two different people acting out the same term can be hilarious. You'll die Laughing at your teammates as they try and act out taboo terms like "Booty Call", "Pocket Rocket" and "Choke the Chicken".

To give you an idea of the crazy activities you'll be acting out, here are some of our favorites from each category.

•Sexy Things: Penis Pump, Dream Girl, Sex Slave
•Sexy Activities: Spooning, Fisting, Quickie, Tie Me to the Bedpost
•Wild Card: Smokin’ Hot, Fake Orgasm, Horny

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