Lingerie Bachelorette Party

Having a Lingerie Bachelorette Party? Great idea! Start by sending out your sexy bachelorette party invitations to let each guest know exactly what type of party it will be. Be specific in the invites! Let the girls know if you plan to have a classy showing of lingerie or if this will be more of a naughty bachelorette party. You don’t want any uncomfortable attendees.

Here are some unique bachelorette party ideas to help make the atmosphere really relaxed for all of your guests. Provide soft mellow music and dim the lights. this will also go a long way to help everybody be a little more confident. Prepare an area for the consultant (if you chose to have one) to show her items. Select a few of your favorite appetizers for your party food . Don’t forget the party drinks! Set up a variety of your favorite girly drinks and shots. You could even try including wine to add a classy touch to this party theme.

Now, a lingerie bachelorette party theme can work one of two ways. Most Lingerie parties have a hired consultant. You can find bachelorette party lingerie consultant easily online. Your personal consultant will bring assorted pieces of lingerie. Some only carry designer and others offer less expensive options.

This is a great gift idea for the bachelorette. You can purchase the bride-to-be’s favorite items for her right in your living room. By the end of the lingerie party she will have a nice collection of lingerie for her entire honeymoon.

If you want to make this bachelorette party wild tell everyone to bring the sexiest lingerie attire. You can even have a shopping spree with your girls earlier that day to find something new. Host a contest of who has the naughtiest nightie? Create a runway for each girl to strut her stuff. Next, hold a strip tease contest.

You can even add in a stripper pole for extra excitement. Try the stripper lessons to give it a fun twist. Give out personal massagers for prizes. After all has settled down play a good old fashion game of truth or dare. By now the alcohol will have kicked in so who knows what will be said or done at this Lingerie Bachelorette Party! Now it's time to go have fun and get a little risqué with your naughty nightie

Bachelorette Party Themes


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