Free Bachelorette Party Games

Free Bachelorette Party Games are wonderful when resources are limited. With the cost of the upcoming main event it can be expensive to be part of a  bridal party.  You don't have to spend loads of cash on pre-made games to have fun at a bachelorette party.

With a little help from our bachelorette party ideas planning your free bachelorette party games can be a lot of fun!  To get started just click on the links below for detailed instructions and rules.  Have Fun!

Free Bachelorette Party Game Instructions

LOOSE LIPS is an exciting and creative bachelorette game that will make everyone cautious of the words that come out of their mouths!

Uttering a taboo word will bring about consequences that may put you on a hot seat or the butt of everyone’s joke! So you girls better watch your mouth or your loose lips may bring you some trouble! 

Not in my Pants is a funny game of controlling your laughter when being asked with thought-provoking questions about your personal life.

Everyone gets to ask a personal question to the girl on the hot seat, who should reply “Not in Pants” at all times and must maintain a serious poker face until all the questions are over. Just even the slightest hint of laughter or even a smile will bring some consequences. 

Drink or Dare is a truth or dare game with a naughty twist. You either do the dare or chug down the nastiest liquor on the house. This is one of our favorite free bachelorette party games!

I Never Drinking Game involves each girl making a statement on what she has never done. All those who have done the said statement must take a drink. For girls who get find out hiding their secret by not drinking, they should drink the glass bottoms up!

DRUNK JENGA Take the Jenga game to a whole new level by labeling the blocks with a “drink dare”. You must do what the label say on each block that you have successfully removed without making the tower fall. And if you do make the tower fall, you will have to chug down your drink down to the very bottom.

WHAT’S IN THE BAG This unique guessing game will surely test you're thinking and feeling skills. Everyone gets their turn in reaching into the inside of a bag, feel and guess the items inside it. Whoever guessed the most items wins the game!

SUCK FOR A BUCK This is one of the funnest and naughtiest free bachelorette party games involves candy and money-making. Give the bachelorette a t-shirt with lifesaver candies sewn or stuck into it. Then go around town and see how many brave guys or girls would take the chance of removing the candies for just a buck!

BACHELORETTE BINGO This ingenious type of bingo includes prepared bingo cards with 24 blocks filled with words relevant to being a bachelorette or bachelorette parties.

Instead of numbers being called, the bachelorette words will be called and drawn out. The first girl who crosses out all the 5  words either in diagonal, horizontal, or vertically lined blocks yells “bingo!” and wins!

Drinks,Friends & Plenty Of Laughs

For more bachelorette party free game ideas check they have some really great stuff here!

can help you have a great bachelorette party without spending too much money to do so.

 As long as you supply some party drinks, good friends and plenty of laughs we can supply your bachelorette free party games.

Bachelorette Party Games

Clean Bachelorette Party Games


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