Booty Cupcake pan

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Booty Cupcake pan
Item Number: PD8411-00
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This Booty Cupcake pan makes 6 perfectly round and perky booty cupcakes. Want to make some sexy Booty Cupcakes? We've got the pan for you. Add a little frosting and decorative tasty treats and see how fast you and your guests will want to wrap your mouth around these bootylicious treats.

This bachelorette Cup Cake Pan has six metal butt shaped holders for perfect bite size butt-cakes! Fill with your favorite cake mix and let your friends personalize their asses just the way they want them. This makes for a great bachelorette activity and gives you a great opportunity to show your ass! Features

• Booty Cup cake Pan
• Size Butt-Cakes
• Reusable Cake Pan