Bachelorette Cakes

Bachelorette Cakes are center point of the bachelorette party (besides the bride-to-be of course). Just imagine the bride-to-be’s face when you bring out a beautiful homemade bachelorette party cake or better yet a penis cake on a large platter.

Using of the bachelorette cake pans will make it very simple for you to design your own party cake like a pro. Plus with a little help from our penis cake recipes or bachelorette party cake ideas you'll be able to make your party cake one of a kind.

Be sure to add real look alike features such as chocolate shavings, color frosting, & candies. Don't forget to put a personal touch to your creations by adding some inside jokes with your bachelorette cake sayings. Don't be afraid, it won't bite!

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This project can be as small or large as you prefer (every girl has her preference). There are many creative ways to enhance your bachelorette party cakes ideas. You could even blind fold the bride to be to make things more exciting, just remember to have your camera or video camera ready to capture this priceless moment. Let your creative juices flow and have fun fulfilling her sweetest fantasy.

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Share your unique Bachelorette Party Cake creation with the rest of the girls!! Dont forget to add a pic!

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