Penis Straws

Neon Penis Straws - 10 Straws

Penis Straws are great way to set the mood for a great bachelorette party. Let's face it, no matter how reserved you and the girls normally are, sipping on a Bachelorette straw that look like a penis has got good time written all over it!

After you've all suck down a couple drinks, the straws become hilarious as you all come up with one corny joke after another. Penis shaped straws come in all kinds of shapes and sizes so be sure to find the one that is a perfect fit... for your bachelorette's personality I’m mean! What where you thinking?

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Penis Sippy Straws - 6 Silly Straws

Rainbow Party Straws - 10 Straws

Colorful Bendy - 8 Straws

Pink and Purple Straws

African American Straws - 8 pack

Bendy Straws - 8 Straws

Pecker Party Straws - Glow In The Dark - 10

10 Penis-Shaped Straws

Glow In The Dark Straws - 10

Sexy White Straws- 8 pack

It's really fun to see who in the group is a biter, and if you time the jokes just right maybe even a spitter. Then, send the straw home with her to warn her man!

But not all Bachelorette Drinking Accessories are created equal. In this Page we will show you some of our favorites and were you can get them at a reasonable price! All the bachelorette party drinking straws are fairly inexpensive, but very great quality no cheap made straws here!

Neon Penis Straws - 10 Straws - $5.99

I'm not sure how much real penises cost, but I think getting 10 phallic-shaped products for under $10 is a pretty good deal. The Neon Penis Straws come in bright neon colors. Whatever you sip through them will most likely taste infinitely better than what you're used to. 10 straws per package.

Sippy Dick Straws - 6 Jewel-like Penises - $4.99

Sippy Dick Straws are a requirement for your bachelorette party. These colorful, reusable straws make the party a lot of fun. If I am not mistaken, this is our seventh type of penis straw. I have written the description to each and every one of them, and if you want to know my opinion, Sippy Dick Straws are the best ones. They aren't perfect, but they are close. Our only gripe is that sometimes the straws get kinked up. However, the penis part can be placed on almost any straw, so this problem is easy to fix. Also, the penis parts fit over the wire rack on your dishwasher, so you can clean them after the party. Penis shaped straws are almost an essential item for a bachelorette party and we certainly want you to have a great party, so we suggest the Sippy Dick Straws. You can click on the picture to see a larger image. Sippy Dick Straws come in a package of 6.

Penis Ice Cube Coolers - 6 - $4.99

Penis Ice Cube Coolers are a perfect addition to any bachelorette party cocktail. They will keep your drink cold and not water it down. Also, Penis Ice Cube Coolers are reusable, so there is an endless amount of cool penis-shaped fun! Your friends will love them. It is really amusing to see penises floating and bobbing in your glass. 6 Penis Ice Cube Coolers come in each package. Click on the image to see a larger picture.

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